as a result of their mothers passion for sewing, the two brothers were brought up in a house full of thread, needles, patterns and the sound of a sewing machine. as years went by the two brothers kept improving their knowledge of fabrics and patterns. resulting in a perfectionized brand that's known by the name KUDETA® (coup d' etat) the brand has a clear touch of Antwerp fashion as it is tailored to match the local and international fit in these modern time. the brothers do not believe in mass production as every client wants to be unique they make all the products in limited quantity's and manufactured in Europe.

The Antwerp multi-brand lifestylestore is all about quality and originality. the store is known for bringing those new brands to there area that clients would like/want but still don't really know about or just can't get in there living area. The Kudeta store offers mindfully modern brands that only uses high quality materials, environmentally friendly and ethically produced items with a touch of edge matching the kudeta-lifestyle.The Kudeta team's main focus is making a creative difference, choosing the right creative developments with like-minded initiatives that separate themselves w/ culture, fashion, music, sports, passion on a (inter) national level.


"Dress different"